Where Are Canyon Bikes Made (Solved)

where are canyon bikes made

In this post, you’ll learn where are canyon bikes made.

If you have been riding for a while now, you must know Canyon.

Whether you’re doing cross-country, enduro, or even downhill, Canyon bikes are very famous.

So it’s legit to wonder where are canyon bikes made.

If you already have a Canyon bike, you must know because it is written on the welcome guide.

However, if you don’t own one, it might be more difficult to find where are the canyon bikes made.

What is Canyon?

Canyon is a german bicycle brand created in 1985 by Arnold’s brothers.

Canyon is producing many types of bikes from road bikes to mountain bikes.

Originally, Canyon bikes were only available for the European market but since 2017, Canyon is available to the US market too, which helped increase a lot their reputation.

Nowadays, Canyon is even sponsoring riders around the world and is among the top downhill team.

The marketing vision of Canyon is clear, offer the best bikes possible at the cheapest price possible.

Where Are Canyon Bikes Made?

If you have been wondering where are Canyon bikes made, you’re at the right place.

First, you need to distinguish between made and assembled.

Canyon bike frames are made in Taiwan and Canyon bikes are assembled in Germany.

Basically, Canyon is creating their bikes in China to reduce the cost, ordering all bike parts at their headquarters in Germany (Coblence), then they assembled the bikes directly from there.

Are Canyon Bikes Good Quality Brand?

Short answer, yes Canyon is a very high-quality bike brand.

From the whole buying experience to the riding experience, Canyon bikes are just very good quality.

You can easily tell the quality of Canyon bikes.

Indeed, for example the Canyon Factory Downhill team is using the same bikes Canyon is selling on their website but for the World cup.

That’s a pretty good sign of quality.

Also, Canyon bikes are very well engineered in Germany and tested by pro riders across the globe.

On top of the frames that are usually very neat, Canyon is selecting the best bike parts possible to fit perfectly the rider’s needs.

Most of the Canyon Bikes are well equipped, with light and robust bike parts.

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