Where Are Santa Cruz Bikes Made (Solved)

where are canyon bikes made

In this post, you’ll learn where are Santa Cruz bikes made.

As a rider, you must know very well Santa Cruz.

Whether you saw their bikes while watching UCI World Cup or in a bike park, Santa Cruz is just an amazing brand for MTB lovers.

If you bought a Santa Cruz bike before, you must know where your bike has been made.

But if you consider buying a Santa Cruz, it’s normal to wonder where are Santa Cruz bikes made.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered in this post.

Follow along and learn more about Santa Cruz Bicycles.

What is Santa Cruz Bicycles?

Santa Cruz Bicycles is an American mountain bike brand created in 1993.

Their first bike was actually released in 1994.

Santa Cruz headquarter is located in Santa Cruz, California. (quite logical)

Santa Cruz is quite famous for its amazing pro rider team and its so special bike shapes.

Among the most famous bikes, you can find the V10, a real beast.

Santa Cruz actually used to manufacture all frames in Alabama, US but this time is now over.

Where are Santa Cruz bikes made?

Like most mountain bike brands, Santa Cruz bikes are made in Taiwan and assembled at their headquarters, in Santa Cruz California.

Indeed, as we have seen for Canyon bikes, for instance, their bikes are all made in the same factory. They are then sent to California to be assembled and sold.

Are Santa Cruz bikes reliable?

Yes, Santa Cruz bikes are highly reliable thanks to their very resistant frames and great bike parts used.

On top of great bikes, Santa Cruz bikes are lifetime warrantied.

So if you ever get an issue with your bike frame, Santa Cruz will take care of everything for you.

Santa Cruz decided to offer a lifetime warranty since 2015.

Santa Cruz frames are either in Carbon or Aluminium.

Both are very resistant and are highly reliable when it comes to bike resistance.

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